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April 29, 2007


Mint Mogul

I'm not sure I'm for the decision to go to school and skate. It seems that it will leave E-Hugh in a position where she can't really enjoy college (no trips to whatever has replaced the Tasty or any of Cambridge's fine ice cream joints) and she'll always be squeezing in her ice time. Even Paul Wylie went on a leave of absence after a while. Just saying. Why not defer until 2010? Or go part-time?

On a barely related note, you know what is completely addictive and not helpful to being a productive member of society? Watching ice skating videos on YouTube. I became addicted while watching clips of the Torvill and Dean (love them!) Dancing on Ice reality show programs, and I've realized some things -- the Duchesnays were overhyped -- the best thing about them by far was Dean's choreography, Kurt Browning looked a lot better with hair, and the 1994 Winter Olympics, which we watched faithfully, was a spectacular entertainment event.

PS: Does Momzilla have any advice for someone who is deathly afraid of 1) ice, 2) sliding on ice, and 3) falling who would like to learn to skate, thereby undoing the shame of crawling off of the ice during every day of the 3 weeks of the ice skating unit in 6th grade gym class?

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